Nothing much

2 Jan

Okay so didn’t get as much done this weekend as I  had planned (although there is still tomorrow), but T and I met up with a friend who we haven’t seen for a few months which is as admirable as any other task I could think of.

In the meantime have been thinking of my photo project (Number 4 on my 28-list) and thought it would be interesting to base them around a title of a song.  So far I have Banana Pancakes (Jack Johnson) which could help me practice food photography and a great excuse to make banana pancakes – yum.  Another potential is Summertime (sung by a variety of people but let’s go with the Billie Holiday version because we have holidays in summer). I need another 13 so will need to think on that a bit longer to see if it is a real potential.

Also thinking I might dye my hair red this year, although a friend has suggested that I wait until after my graduation ceremony to do that, and as it is day 2 of this month and I haven’t eaten any chocolate thought it would be a good time to practice some restraint.

Note to self: must start adding more pictures soon to add a bit of spice to the blog.


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