Back to real life

4 Jan

So even though I didn’t have time off from work between Christmas and New Year getting back to work today felt like a real slog.  But I met a friend for lunch and had some giggles which made the day better.  Am also super impressed with myself because despite being a chocoholic I was able to overcome the temptation of a giant tin of Cadbury chocolates left in the kitchen and have now come to the end of day 4 without chocolate.  Yay me.

I ended the long weekend yesterday by meeting my friends, J and N, at the V&A Museum to go and see the exhibition about camera-less photography called Shadow Catchers.  It was quite interesting although I didn’t quite understand all the techniques so some diagrams would have been useful.  However the art that is created is quite unusual and interesting and I found the work of Floris Neususs and Adam Fuss particularly intriguing.

In terms of my next crafting project I have bought this pattern from Penelope Waits on Etsy


I want to make a bag for my cross-stitch materials.  I am going to do the fox in pink (not sure what colour I am going to do the writing in).  Then I have an old top that has a rosie floral pattern on which I am going to use for the other side of the bag.  Should be interesting, not least because I haven’t used a sewing machine since I was about 12 and then not with much success.


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