Tick, tick. tick. Where does it go?

12 Jan

I always get to the end of the day and wonder where it went and why I didn’t get all the things done that I wanted done.  So from now on I am going to try to be more on top of everything.

I have a diary and used to make great use of it when I was working as an intern while also working part-time and studying (needed to keep on top of things), but have become rather lax with the more routine days of a 9 to 5.  I think allocating time for certain things is really important and so from now on Wednesday evenings is going to be tv and computer free and dedicated to crafting or other tasks that I want to get done.

Source: ClorkworkUniverse (Etsy Seller)

Any other ideas on keeping organised?

Following on from my post last night I think I will also try to be more organised in blog posts and dedicate one day a week to certain things – like Sundays for a food round-up (if I have done anything interesting in the week).

As you can see this blog is definitely a work in progress and I am exploring how best to go about it as I go along.  I hope you can bear with me while I work it out and hopefully within a month or so I will be blogging like an amazing, experienced blog-wizard.


Here is your chance to say something lovely or interesting or wise. Please do, I love hearing from you.

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