Peanut Butter cookies – Take 1

15 Jan

So one night tv and computer free turned into three.  Wednesday went rather well although I didn’t actually get onto any crafting tasks but instead worked on my life list by making these amazing flourless peanut butter cookies (except I used half a cup of sugar instead of a whole cup of sugar).

Let me explain why “making the best peanut butter cookies” is on my life list.  Firstly, I love peanut butter.  I buy it by the kilogram tub.  I love how it sticks to the top of your mouth.  I love how it elevates standard white supermarket bread to a new level.  I love how it serves as the perfect companion with bananas – be it on toast, a smoothie or whatever other way you can think of combining them. Secondly, I love cookies.  I don’t think that needs any further explanation.

Anyway, these ones may be hard to beat because they were absolutely delicious – just the right amount of crumble, moist, unadulteredly peanut-buttery and super easy to make.

Peanut butter cookies

Thursday and Friday I ended up going out with friends so apologies for the lack of posting.  I saw Flashdance the musical which was a good laugh and met with some friends that I am conspiring with to start a commune in Italy … ah a girl can dream (I’ll explain why Italy is the destination of choice another time).


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