Happy Mondays

17 Jan

Okay so this is my first installment in a name I plagiarised from a band whose music I don’t really know but all the same think they have a cool name and something which is appropriately transferable to my new weekly segment.

I was going to go with “Happiness is …” but I think I prefer this.

I feel a slight amount of pressure now.  First, let me explain how I think of happiness.  There is a growing drive for people to “pursue happiness” which seems almost counter productive.  There are a growing numbers of books and gurus coming out which tell you what happiness is and how to get it and this idea that once you have something or achieve something you will be happy.  But, I feel it is easier then that, that happiness exists in simple things and just recognising those moments makes you a more content person (just check out the double rainbow guy – who knew a rainbow could make you so happy).  So in line with these words of feigned wisdom these weekly sessions are going to be more about highlighting these simple pleasures.  Preferably something that has happened during the week so that I can try and be more aware of those happy moments as I am existing in them.

So … first up:

Seeing a bright colour on a grey and rainy day.

Taken in Amsterdam

Today it was pouring down in ol’ London Town, but seeing a bright colour can really lift the mood.  I have recently shifted in to wearing a lot of black and grey and it makes me think that I should get a beautiful bright item of clothing to make me smile on rainy days.

Maybe something like a yellow scarf …

yellow textSource

Or if I had more money this beautiful cape from Nadinoo (sigh)

Nadinoo capeSource


Here is your chance to say something lovely or interesting or wise. Please do, I love hearing from you.

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