My week in food

30 Jan

I didn’t get around to baking this week but thought I would highlight some of the new meals that I tried out.  When looking back on them I realised that they all came from the food blog Green Kitchen Stories.  This is a blog of a super cute family who are all about healthy plant based eating.  At the moment they are travelling for a few months with their new baby Elsa, which I think is an absolutely brilliant idea.

The first new dish I tried this week was the white velvet soup, which was actually a guest post from Sarah Britton of My New Roots.  The only difference is I only had one can of beans to hand instead of two but it made a really creamy (though diary free) soup which is packed full of healthiness.  Sarah is a nutritionist so gives a lot of nutritional detail about the food she makes which I find really interesting.

The second new dish I made were the beetroot burgers.  I made them the night before and tried to halve the recipe but ended up with about 12 smallish burgers anyway.  So I now have some in the freezer for another quick evening meal.  We had them in a wholewheat wrap with hummus, cucumber and tomato and they were quite delicious.

There are definitely a couple more recipes on both these sites that I am going to try soon.

Saturday lunch I made a quick, fairly healthy pizza, mainly to try to use up some feta cheese we had in the fridge before Vegan Week.  I just used a spelt pizza base from the whole food shop, topped with a version of sundried tomato pesto (from 101 Cookbooks) which is one of essential ingredients.  I use it in tomato based sauces, on pizza bases or just on its own with some gnocchi or pasta and oven roasted cherry tomatoes.  I topped the pizza with a tomato, some thin slices of courgette (I used a peeler), the aforementioned feta and a sprinkle of Italian herbs. Pop into the oven until the base is hard and the feta melty and browned.

Spelt pizza

Today, I met with the Greens to practice our bread making skills (I have only made a few loaves so not really so skill might be a bit of an ambitious description).  We each made a loaf.  My friends made a wholewheat walnut and date loaf and hot cross buns (in preparation for Easter).  I made a lemon spelt bread (also from Green Kitchen Stories) which started off being a bit too runny but ended up fairly well and something I was quite pleased with.  Need some more practice to understand the nature of flour and yeast but it is all a wonderful learning curve.


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