1 Feb

I did it.  I lived for a month without chocolate.  It is gratifying to see that I do actually have willpower.  It is not unheard of for me to devour a bag of biscuits or tub of ice-cream in one foul swoop, but in the last month I have conquered temptation on several occasions.  Even really good chocolate like vegan chocolate biscuits and booja booja truffles!

Today I treated myself to some good quality truffles (translate as pricey).  Instead of going chocolate mad now I am going to try to continue to be a moderate chocolate eater – with only a chocolate or two a week (instead of daily!).  I figure if it is more expensive than I won’t be able to afford to eat so much.

I have a theory that the more you exercise your willpower the stronger it gets – like a muscle.  So this month I am giving up biscuits.  Looking at the ingredients on some of these is quite scary.  Maybe once the month is done I will only eat home-made biscuits.


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