Ethical inspiration for Valentine’s Day

4 Feb

With Valentine’s Day just over a week away I thought I would spread some ethical love.  To be honest T and I don’t really “celebrate” Valentine’s day.  The usual sort of reasons – we’re too stindgy to spend double what we would normally spend at a restaurant I generally ban him from buying flowers which are generally often shipped from Kenya and we’re normally just to lazy to do anything.  I am also of the mind that it is the little things that you do everyday that show that you love someone and not just one day a year.

That said everyone does like to feel special.  So if you are going to go for the hallmark thing here is some inspiration.

Valentine inspirationSources: recyled letterpress card; upcycled dictionary art; eco-felt cup cozy; recycled sweater flower; booja booja vegan chocolates

Alternatively you can plan a special day and make it more of an experience.  Memories live longer than flowers anyway.  Plan a romantic walk, dinner, watch your partner’s favourite movie, make a card, write a poem (okay that last one is a bit cheesy).


Here is your chance to say something lovely or interesting or wise. Please do, I love hearing from you.

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