My week in food: vegan week

7 Feb

Okay, to start off let me just inform you that I didn’t make it the whole week.  It was going really well until I was hanging out with a friend on Sunday and I was faced with a peanut butter and chocolate cupcake.  From there it spiralled down hill to a cheesy buritto and some chocolate buttons.

However, I did go 6 days as a vegan,  so for those of you out there who are not vegan (or even vegetarian) and wonder what those ‘crazy’ people eat here is a run-down of everything that went into my mouth over the last week.


During the week I had my normal winter cereal of porridge with oat milk and a squeeze of agave nectar.  In an attempt to try new things I have also bought some hulled hemp seeds which are relatively high in protein as well as having some omega oils and I stir a tablespoon through which gives a nice nutty flavour.  On Friday I was a bit lazy and thought I would get some porridge from EAT on the way in to work.  I then remembered they made their oats with milk!  So I had to make a detour and get some fruit and a trek bar.  This event did highlight to me the fact that vegans have to be more organised (repeated by temptation on Sunday).


For work I made myself a tomato soup and home-made lemon spelt bread that I made on the weekend.

On Friday I went out for lunch with people from work.  I hadn’t planned on eating out as I thought that this would just make it more difficult and basically the choice of restaurant probably wasn’t the most helpful.  It wasn’t quite an Italian restaurant (they served a fish and chip salad which was basically fish fingers and chips on some leaves) and though they had several vegetarian options they all involved cheese.  I thought I could get away with a spelt risotto without the fromage frais but unfortunately it was already stirred in so had to go with a cheeseless pizza (on second thoughts I might have gone with a salad without cheese but it seemed to be all that was the ‘topping’).  I suppose more vegan friendly restaurants would be more Asian – stir frys, coconut curries, etc.


I am a grazer and basically eat all day long.  Snacks over the week included fresh fruit, dried fruit, a trek bar (or two), spelt cakes with peanut butter, some booja booja chocolate (vegan).

My tea I just had black.  I drink rooibos which has a less bitter taste then normal tea so isn’t too bad black.


I made these amazing b-raw-nies.  Unfortunately mine didn’t stick together too well.  I used ground almonds instead of doing it myself so maybe that made it too fine?  But it was definitely delicious and might try them again.  The only problem with that being that T and I devoured them in two days which probably isn’t particularly healthy.  Will definitely use the icing for cupcakes in the future (I still want to try making some vegan cupcakes).


Monday – Redwood vegan sausages, millet and cauliflower mash inspired by My New Roots, though I didn’t have all the ingredients to hand) and peas.  We like the sausages and will probably eat these in future as they have a higher protein content then the brand we have bought in the past plus they are cheaper!  T didn’t really like the mashed cauliflower because he thought it tasted bitter so will be going with normal ol’ mash in future.

Tuesday – Beans on Toast.  I worked late so didn’t feel like cooking and just ended up with this bog standard.  I normally like mine with cheese to add some extra flavour but sprinkled with nutritional yeast instead (they really need to rename that) and my homemade bread added some extra flavour too.

Wednesday – Pasta with tomato sauce, vegetables and left over sausages (it doesn’t say they can be frozen but there are 8 sausages in a packet so I needed to use them up).

Thursday – Pizza and beetroot coleslaw.  I bought some vegan mozzarella style cheese but I just couldn’t put it on the pizza.  It tasted like those fake cheesy pouff chips that I ate as a kid, but worse.  This would definitely be a roadblock to me totally cutting out diary.  By the way – any vegans out there who want slightly eaten fake cheese?

Friday – I made this tempeh and spinach pie which I must admit that I didn’t really like.  I don’t think it was the recipe but the marmalade which is I used which was quite a strong one.  I did like the pie crust though and it was easier than I had thought a pie crust would be so might definitely use that again in the future.

Saturday – We went out for dinner with friends to China Town (to enjoy some of the Chinese New Year festivities) and had vegetable and tofu stir fry.  Then went to the movies and devoured a selection of vegan friendly sweets.

Sunday – fail.

I think all in all I just couldn’t give up some things like cheese (and definitely ice-cream).  However, I will definitely try to reduce my diary intake which I definitely know is doable.

[p.s. sorry about the lack of any pictures.  Cooking at night just doesn’t seem to be conducive.]


One Response to “My week in food: vegan week”

  1. Katie 12 June 2011 at 4:40 pm #

    thanks for the comment on my blog and the link to this- it was a very good read! I have made some preparations, I think lunches will be the most difficult! Keep an eye out for my blog posts and to see whether I fail! (most likely!) xx

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