Ethical inspiration for a weekend away

11 Feb

I have some friends who go on regular city breaks.  They get on a plane and they fly to an exciting city destination and spend two nights on a whirlwind tour of a city’s highlights.  As someone who tries to minimise my short-haul flights as much as possible (because I fly home to South Africa every few years to visit family and friends)  this isn’t really an option.  So what is a girl to do?

Easy really, take the train.  Okay I might not be able to go for a weekend to Budapest but many places are now easily accessible by train in just a few hours from London.  Paris is an obvious option but there is also Cologne, which is only six hours away, any city in Belgium, I recently took the overnight ferry to Amsterdam which was super luxurious and you can even take the ferry to Ireland (and of course there are all the other cities in England, Scotland and Wales).  A really useful site to see how to plan a train journey (for anywhere in the world) is The Man in Seat 61.

And for some extra wham here is an ethical inspiration board for a trip I am planning to Dublin.  I am going with my mum whose grandfather was Irish and we are going to take a trip to the place where he was born.  Dublin brings to mind a sort of Edwardian time – I imagine an old (upcycled) leather suitcase, practical (vegetarian) brogues, a vintage dress and a good book for the train.

Dublin inspirationSource: dress; suitcase; book; brogues; painting


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