Ethical inspiration for a pamper

25 Feb

Week One of my masters done (just a 5000 word essay to write).  Before that though, I need a pampering!  Tired brain needs relaxed body.  I don’t often get around to a full on spoil but if I have the time these are my earth friendly pamperings plans:

1. Pre-condition hair:  Coconut oil is a really good moisturiser for your whole body, including your hair.  Basically smush a whole lot in your hair and brush through and then leave on for an hour or so before bathing.  Coconut oil is fairly cheap and super versatile (skin moisturiser, lip balm, cooking and baking).  You can get it from the health food store or a beauty shop and a bottle of organic coconut oil is fairly cheap at about £5 or £6 for a largish bottle.

2. Body exfoliation: I normally just use a combination of organic demerara sugar and oil of choice (jojoba or almond are really good and can be bought in bulk fairly cheap).  Basically just add oil to sugar until you get a consistency you are happy with.  You can also add different essential oils (though chat to the shop assistant about which one to use).  Also, at the office I am working in at the moment they create an awful lot of waste coffee grinds so I am going to bring some home to add to the mix.  Coffee grinds are also apparently good for facial exfoliation – just add to your usual face wash.

3. Face (part 1): start with a steam, follow with exfoliation (coffee grinds anyone?) and then a good face mask.  I can’t say I have ever done a home made face mask (just because I would rather eat food then put it on my face).  But a dry clay mask can be fairly cheap and easy to use.

4. Nice long soak in bath: add some oils for super soft skin and relaxation (lavender is really good for destressing).  Alternatively, Neals Yard Remedies make some lovely aromatherapy products.

5. Body moisturise: My treat is Green People’s Aloe Vera hand and body lotion.  It is a special treat as it is quite pricey but so worth it.  Rich but absorbent I used it when I went to Spain once so I always think of Spain when I smell it.  Plus really good for maintaining a summer tan.  I always get it when going away in summer.

6.  Skin moisturise: I have recently started using Pai Moisturiser for combination skin.  This is a UK brand which I am quite happy with – will definitely be buying a second bottle.

Any other tips for eco-pampering?


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