Not quite as planned

12 Mar

Today was a good day.  Did some work on my essay, went out the house and smiled at the tree across the road, had a pasty for lunch on the train into Waterloo, took the Waterloo and City line for the first time ever (how did that happen – I have lived in London for almost 6 years), went up the Monument on a whim, walked around the City to go to the Museum of London to see its exhibition on street photography which apparently although free is ticketed and couldn’t get in because all timed tickets were sold out and it was a long wait otherwise, headed back towards Spitalfields and had tea and scone in corner coffee shop, headed home exhausted.

I am still eager to go the exhibition but it does set me back on my before 28 list.  I will need to make up a couple of museums next month.

It was a good day.

Here are just some photos from today.

Me at the top of The Monument showing off my new haircut (I got a fringe) and colour.  It doesn’t look super red in this picture and it is quite subtle but in the light it really is red (I promise).


2 Responses to “Not quite as planned”

  1. Nicole 15 March 2011 at 9:15 pm #

    Are you heading towards the grand old 28 too?

    • Michelle Y 16 March 2011 at 7:23 am #

      Well, 27 in April but when I wrote my goals I figured 4-months wouldn’t be quite long enough to get there. 😉

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