My week in food

13 Mar

The only thing I made this week were these muffins (yes, again) but with just pear and only 1/4 cup agave and no other sugar.  Really yummy and moist – probably the best of the batch yet.

On another note, I seem to get unhealthier as the days go by.  I am trying to be good and lose a few pounds before my birthday, but it isn’t going very well.  I start the day off well but by the time I get home in the evenings I seem to eat my weight in sugary fatty foods.  In fact yesterday the only one of my five a day was a glass of orange juice, my alternative five a day consisted of 6 biscuits, 2 scones, and a krispy kreme donut!  Wow, there is something seriously wrong going on there.

This week I will do better (I keep saying it but this time I mean it).  This pear from our veg box will be my healthy food inspiration for the week.


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