Happy Mondays

15 Mar

Okay I know it isn’t Monday, but let’s pretend it is …

I am just going to have a whole list of wonderful things because I have just been concentrating on the negative lately.

  1. Medjool dates
  2. A date day with T
  3. Planning a quilt in my head
  4. Mangoes – particularly sweet juicy ones
  5. Getting a sseat on the train in the morning
  6. The jazzy salsa style band that plays on Embankment bridge some mornings, they really get you in a good mood for the rest of the day
  7. All the bright colours for Spring fashion, whether I can afford them is totally beside the point
  8. Pub dinner with a good friend
  9. Getting my  haircut, particularly the smell of whatever products they put in your hair – the small just seems to stay in your hair for days whereas your own shampoo just fades
  10. A long distance google chat with an amazing girl-friend
  11. Living in the most awesome city


Here is your chance to say something lovely or interesting or wise. Please do, I love hearing from you.

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