Next sewing project?

18 Mar

So I bought this pattern a while ago with some fabric I am not so sure of …

But am loving the flowery vintage feel that is coming out with the spring look.

I have just bought this fabric form a Spinster’s Emporium, an online vintage fabric store and am thinking of making the photographed version with this material for spring.  It is just so nice and summer-y

It is apparently from the 1960s but might need lining as the website says it is lightweight.  Can be another learning curve.

One of the purposes of me learning to sew is to use more ‘vintage’ fabrics.  I also want to learn how to restyle second hand clothes – although I must admit I have never bought second hand clothing.  The idea was formerly (and still slightly) repugnant to me as wearing something that has touched somebody else’s armpit just seems a bit gross (is that weird?).  However, from an environmental aspect I am aware that I need to be a more considerate buyer and second hand definitely makes a big difference (as long as it is not in addition to other buying but replaces it).  I am constantly amazed by what some bloggers are able to do so hopefully with a bit of practice I can be as amazing.  For some inspiration check out Tate Creates, Miss PShe Can’t Decide or just check out the Project Restyle flckr group.


One Response to “Next sewing project?”

  1. tate 18 March 2011 at 4:43 pm #

    good luck! you are smart to start with a pattern because it can help you learn the basics on garment construction, then you will be shocked at how easy re-styling is! I am totally the same way about second hand clothing, I wash them like 4 times before I even start changing them…. I just can’t get past the dusty smell!

    btw: thanks for the reference!

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