Happy days

24 Mar

A bit muddled this week but thought I would just make another list of lovelies.  Things that I am excited about (and thus making me happy):

  1. The clocks “springing forward” on Saturday night.  Yesterday I worked a bit late and although it was dark it was still warmish (I didn’t have a coat!) and I could feel the summertime buzz rising in London.  People were outside drinking, chatting, just generally buzzing.
  2. Not dragging my woolie coat around with me (though owning an inbetween season coat would be a good idea …)
  3. Meeting my awesome friends for dinner/drinks tonight (getting in on that buzzing)
  4. Finishing my essay.  It is due on Monday so I was hoping to get it done before the weekend but working after work is sooo hard.  But it will be done by the end of the weekend and then will have a few weeks off until my next course in May.  Which means I can do some crafty and photography stuff until then.
  5. The arrival of some vintage fabric pieces that I ordered and am excited to turn into something awesome.
  6. Two long weekends in April with travels to Spain with some Semana Santa festivities and Dublin.
  7. My birthday in less than two weeks!  Ooh, better start moving on my plans.

This picture makes me think of summertime.  It is from Cornwall a couple years ago.


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