Obsessing over yellow

31 Mar

You might remember my recent ethical inspiration about yellow.  Well I recently bought a cute mustard yellow cardigan (to go in particular with my graduation dress but it is oh so super versatile).  BUT I still cannot get the beautiful sunshine colour out of my brain.  And then I spotted this gorgeous photo and I went even more gagga over the colour.

Source: Andreas Ohlund for Cover Magazine (via Fashion Gone Rogue via Wit and Delight)

Admittedly, the practicalities of wearing such an outfit on a regular day in my life would be unfounded (although in one of my imaginary weddings* I would be floating down an isle in this).  However, Reiss has a more everyday version of such a skirt which is equally gorgeous in different summery colours.

Reiss skirts

The price-tag on this is however a purse-stretching £110.

My other option is to get some lovely fabric (there is a yellow I have spotted on the Offset Warehouse site) which I think would work really well.  I am currently liaising with my manufacturing consultant (i.e. my mum) whether we could just free-style it rather than use a pattern.

I am then thinking I will paint my toenails in Butter (no I am not that obsessed with yellow – it is a brand of nail polish with less chemical nasties)

I am then imagining myself on my summer holiday in Croatia, swishing down the old streets of Dubrovnik in my floaty summery clothes.

Source: Croatian National Tourist Board

* Imaginary wedding: We have no plans on getting married unless we eventually adopt.  However, this does allow me the pleasure of imagining infinite amount of weddings without the stress of disappointing family or paying out large wacks of money.


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