My name is Michelle and I am an emotional eater

1 Apr

Well I have just had biscuits for breakfast.*

I think that is an all time low.

Basically for some strange reason I feel Fridays are the hardest day of the week. I kind of feel like I have put enough into the “work slog” and that I should now be allowed to have a three day weekend. Boredom in my job is a big part of this, don’t get me wrong I have stuff to do it is just not exciting or what I want to be doing. Thus I eat to alleviate boredom. I think baking is another creative outlet for the boredom which obviously has a direct correlation with eating things that aren’t super good for you.

Am I the only crazy person in the world who thinks Fridays are the worst?

Anyway, I have decided after the weekend (it is my birthday weekend so cake and bad food will be involved) I am really really going to do something about it. Starting with a couple days of detoxing with raw fruit and veg. Then potentially being hypnotised so that I don’t eat mountains of sugar and fat (seriously, I have a friend who does hypnosis).

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I will keep you up to date.

* food update to come on Sunday.


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