A strange thing

7 Apr

A strange thing has happened to me.  With the change of season an impulse emerges to buy new clothes.  I am in love with the trends this year – bright colours, florals, feminine.  I feel that if I wore these all (even at the same time maybe) it would be like a party everyday.

However, as soon as I start mozzying around the shops and having a look at the these things of beauty I start wondering if I could make these myself.  I look at how things are put together, how seems are sewn, what embellishments have been added. And then I consider what I would do differently.  My capabilities are certainly not at a level to attempt to ‘freestyle’ these things, heck I haven’t even learnt how to sew a button-hole yet.  And I certainly have no idea how to make a pattern but I have a growing urge to learn.

I am imagining myself like the heroine in Rumpelstiltskin (what is her name?), except surrounded by piles of fabric sewing all night long.  Oh how I wish I was an expert seamstress.

Source: Isabella Arts (Etsy Seller).  Isn’t this gorgeous, I just love papercut and these are really impressive.


One Response to “A strange thing”

  1. siobhan 8 April 2011 at 6:03 am #

    Hi Michelle! Thanks for your comment 🙂 love this papercut, it’s so gorgeous. Rumplestiltskin was one of my favourite books as a kid! x

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