Ethical Inspiration – sunny weekend picnic

8 Apr

Yesterday T and I met after work and went and sat in our local park with a picnic-esque dinner (hummus, pitas, carrots, falafel).  It was a lovely evening and I am really looking forward to having as many picnics this year as possible.  This winter felt sooo long and so I want to make as much of the sunshine as possible.

So here are some things which I thought were picnic worthy – a vintage picnic basket with real crockery, picnic blanket made out of recycled bottles and some ethical clothing.  Though the Pimms isn’t technically ethical (and I am not sure where it is made now) I am just going to go with it as being a local product because it was invented by a British person and is a long-standing British summer tradition.

Sources: Picnic basket (Etsy); picnic blanket (Etsy); hat (People Tree); sunscreen (Green People); trousers, top, shoes (Fashion-Conscience); Pimms

(I need new trainers as my ethletics have holes in and can’t decide whether these cream ones or a grey pair would be best …)


One Response to “Ethical Inspiration – sunny weekend picnic”

  1. Catherine 8 April 2011 at 1:26 pm #

    thanks for your sweet comment! i think i’m going to take my pleats out for a picnic.
    pleats are a bit odd, I think they have the capability to look super flattering or equally soul destroying – I’m getting a shorter pleated skirt as I think it will be more flattering. I think you should go for it though! Definitely good for work and just make sure you don’t have a vpl! xo

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