My week in food – Part I

10 Apr

I am doing two parts this week Part I being on my healthy eating this week and Part II the food I made for some friends who came over for a Sunday picnic.

Note: for those not interested in diet/weight loss stuff please ignore this post and go directly to Part II, I wouldn’t want you to be bored by mundane every day ‘diet’ food.

So as mentioned before I decided this week was going to be super healthy (and it was for most of it – everything in moderation, no?).  I wanted to go at least three days with a fruit and veg diet.  I did however have a small amount of carbs each day.  Here is a mini-breakdown of what I had.

Water: I tried to drink as much water as possible during the day.  I didn’t really keep a tab on it but it would generally have been 1.5 to 2 litres a day.  First thing in the morning I would have a glass of water with half a fresh lemon squeezed into it.  Very refreshing.  From reading a little bit about detoxing there were suggestions of having warm water with lemon but I tried this a couple of years ago and it made me gag so I wasn’t going to try it now.  Sorry mental block.

Breakfast: I ate lots of small portions throughout the morning, starting with a grapefruit and then having a mixture of berries, bananas, pears, apples and oranges up to lunch.

Lunch and snacks:  Lunch I generally had a large salad with tomatoes, cucumber and beetroot with sunflower seeds.  I would also snack on carrot sticks.  A new favourite combo is apple with crunchy peanut butter and dates as an extra sweet treat (although I found with all the fruit I didn’t really crave anything sweet).

Supper:  Generally I did end up cooking a meal for supper and having a slice of bread or carb with it.

Day 1: Oriental Broth

Piles of carrots, purple sprouting broccoli, peas, spring greens steamed. Rice noodles cooked as per instructions.  Cup of instant miso soup poured over.

Day 2: Green Soup

2 small potatoes boiled until tender with a bit of stock cube, add peas until warm, add baby spinach until wilted.  Blitz. Season

Day 3: Super lazy gazpacho

Okay I know you are supposed to use fresh ingredients but I was being lazy.

Take a bottle of passata, add garlic, half skinned cucumber and blitz. No cooking required.  I did lightly fry some yellow peppers as a garnish and had a roll with this.

Over the weekend I did have a few treats but I think I will try a more ‘balanced’ version of this ‘diet’ during the week again.

I didn’t find it too hard to follow as I love fruit and veg anyway.  The first day I was a big hungry by about 9 pm and so had a piece of bread with some honey, but otherwise didn’t really have any major hunger issues.  The first two days I also felt a bit tired but by day three I was fine.  I am not even sure if this was totally related to the food I was eating.

In terms of actual weight loss: on the Monday my weight was up slightly from where it has been hanging (I imagine due in most part to my indulgent birthday weekend).  Taking Mondays weight as a starting point nonetheless by Friday I had lost 1.5 kg!  I imagine some of that was water retention (though to be honest I have no idea what that actually means) but still a rather impressive shift.  I only worked out three times this week though on the days during the week I didn’t work out I made sure that I walked a bit more on the way to work by skipping the tube part of the journey (about a 30 minute walk).

p.s. sorry the pictures in this aren’t that good – lack of light at night is just not that great for food photos.


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