My week in food – Part II

10 Apr

Okay I won’t brag (too) much, but I just made the most awesome picnic food ever.  Yes it did require a little bit of effort but I definitely think it was worth it for a bit more of a grown up picnic.

I didn’t make too many adjustments to the original recipes so I am just linking through to them with some notes.

1. Vegan quiche from 101 Cookbooks

Quiche made with tofu and no dairy products whatsoever.  This was really tasty and even totally looked like the real deal.  Although it was time-consuming I think it is definitely worth it.

The only difference with this is that I used frozen spinach, about 750 g.  I cooked it in the microwave and then tried to squeeze out as much liquid as possible before chopping it up.  I only had a smidge of sesame oil so used rapeseed oil for the balance.

I really liked the crust which was the easiest part and could easily be used for other savoury tart/pie recipes.  I love the speckles in it.

I also had some extra filling so made a little extra dough and made a few mini ones (which I think will be great for lunch at work during the week).  These would also be cute for summer parties.

2.  Frittata also from 101 Cookbooks (Heidi is really my go-to dinner party cook)

Also really good and something that would be good for a normal week day supper with leftovers for work lunch.

Basically I just increased the amounts for everything to make a bigger version.  Also, I don’t have a skillet so just fried veg and pre-cooked the potatoes a bit before layering and then pouring egg over it and putting it in the oven on 180 for about 30 minutes or so.

3. Spelt and herb salad also from 101 Cookbooks

I love this and have made a variation before.  Spelt is such a yummy grain (you will notice the flour comes up regularly in my baking).

I couldn’t find creme fraiche for this so just used some shop bought tzatziki which was actually a brilliant addition.  It also meant that I didn’t need to buy dill.  I also added oven roasted cherry tomatoes.

4. Tortilla chips

These are my party snack go to.  Take some tortillas/wraps (I normally use wholewheat but the shop didn’t have this time) and using a pizza cutter cut into triangles.  Put in roasting tray and spray with a mix of olive oil and balsamic.  I bought a spray bottle from Muji and do a half/half mix and just shake it up.  Grind some salt and pepper over and bake in the oven until crispy.

5. Vegan chocolate fudge from My New Roots (one of my new favourites).

These were absolutely gorgeous.  You definitely want to have softened coconut oil.  I used coconut butter which I think is harder and therefore actually broke my hand blender when I tried to mix it up!  I had hazelnut butter to hand and didn’t have cacoa powder so just used cocoa powder.  The salt sprinkled on top took this to a whole new level.

One is certainly enough.

Wowsers!  As I said a lot of effort but definitely worth it.


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