Environmental wardrobe?

14 Apr

I have been pondering the different ways that I could move towards a ‘greener’ wardrobe.  I do already buy a good portion of my clothes from fairtrade and organic producers like People Tree, but I am fully aware that not just good consumption but less consumption is needed. I have never really bought but would be keen to try more second hand shopping.  I am also trying to make more of my own clothes which has been both enjoyable and makes me question the buying of clothes more than I would have previously.

But I have also more recently been considering what a more minimalist array of clothes would look like.  Several projects explore the idea of living with a limited wardrobe, like the Uniform Project and the 30 for 30 challenge (which I believe was started by Kendi Lea).  The reasons for these are varied but they provide a basis for a more environmentally-friendly wardrobe. This has created many questions:

  • Does an ethical wardrobe have to be limited to a specific number of items that you keep a strict tab on?  If so what is the limit – 10, 30, 100 items (assuming underwear and socks don’t count)?
  • If so, how do you turn these time limited projects into life-long habits?
  • Or should it be limited to how much I buy in a year?

An ‘issue’ which has followed from this in my mind’s wanderings are whether I a minimalist wardrobe can be truly stylish.  Although I wouldn’t consider myself particularly stylish I don’t want to look like that dreaded hair-shirt wearing hippy and I think there is a deeply ingrained (possibly genetic) need to look good and I would hope that this can still be achieved while being sustainable.

You would think by the age of 27 I would have developed a sense of my own style but I fear this is fairly lacking.  I think on this mini-journey I need to decide what sort of image I want to portray and then try a short-term challenge before taking it on to a longer time period.  But I am hoping my ideas will develop and I will definitely be sharing them here.

On a side note, something I love about fashion bloggers is that they aren’t your stereotypical skinny models (check out Everybody, everywhere)


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