Spain I

26 Apr

I thought I would do two posts, one with general happenings over the weekend and one looking more specifically at the Semana Santa festivities that we were lucky enough to witness.

As mentioned we stayed with my uncle in Spain who lives in Valencia near the town of Oriheula.  We had a chance to wonder around Oriheula and see some of the beautiful churches, some of which date from as early as the 1500s.  We also saw a little bit of Murcia and had a trip to the beach though it was rather windy that day and we didn’t actually end up in the sea at all.

My uncle actually stays in a small village called La Matanza.  His house is surrounded by orange and lemon trees which have the most amazing smell.  There are a few small shops including a baker, although none of them actually have signs and it took them three years to actually locate the baker.

The best part of Spain in my humble opinion, however, is the food.  My aunt is an amazing cook and catered to our vegetarian diet with great aplomb.  Some traditional delicacies we had were tortilla (basically potato omelette but so much more), vegetarian paella, tostada con tamate (toast with tomato), Jesus bread (as it was Easter) and churros and chocolate.


One Response to “Spain I”

  1. siobhan 26 April 2011 at 8:52 am #

    Beautiful photos, the food looks delicious as well!

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