3 May

So sorry for lack of posting but I have been in Dublin for Long Weekend II.

Anyway, I spent the long weekend in Ireland with my mother, whose family is originally from a smallish town called Ballinasloe.  We took the train and ferry which was quite enjoyable going but unfortunately had the “swift” version coming back which turned out to be not so swift and lead to rushing for trains the rest of the way and smaller and therefore bumpier.  However, it is definitely a great way to travel and pretty darn reasonable for £35 each way.

Dublin itself hasn’t stolen my heart.  It is not a bad place by any means and I think it could be rather pleasant to live there as it seemed to have a lot of cultural things going.

After visiting Ballinasloe – which is apparently home to the oldest horse fair in Europe – we only really spent one full day in Dublin itself.  However, we still didn’t get around to seeing too much and mostly sat in St Steven’s Green for half the day people watching and trying to spot real Irish hair, natural lovely red locks.

We did also go to several places which served some good food, but my favourite had to be the Queen of Tarts on Cow Lane.  Tea is served in a mixture of old and new with the most amazing cakes (though I only had the chance to try one).  It was so good in fact we went there for brunch (buttermilk pancakes) and an early supper (tuscan bean soup and pear, chocolate and almond tart).

Unfortunately I think the general ambivalence to the place lead to some rather uninteresting photos.  Here are the best of a bad lot.  Do you ever feel like an untalented child stole your camera and took a whole bunch of photos?


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