Bob Bob Ricard

4 May

Staff Appreciation Day at work meant that the grunt labourers were being taken out to lunch and we could choose where.

After reading about Bob Bob Ricard in Soho on Seeds and Stitches I thought this would be the perfect time to try it out on someone else’s dime.  Admittedly, it is light on vegetarian options but a peruse of the menu had me eager to try their rhubarb Gin and Tonic (I am totally a G&T kind of girl) and the dessert menu boasted a peanut butter and banana ice-cream!  Veggie options be damned I was heading straight to this place.

I have passed the restaurant several times and been really intrigued by the exterior which has golden art deco style flourishes on the window but no hint at what the interior looked like.  Walking in you are greeted by incredibly friendly staff who were helpful throughout the meal; dressed in pink dinner jackets for the gents and turquoise waist-coats for the ladies.  The room has an art-deco style and feels almost like a luxury compartment on a train with booth seating and dividing curtains and small reading lamps over the table.  Each table also has a button which says “press for champagne”.  Their attention to detail is delightful with even the butter coming with an impression of the restaurant logo on it!

Food wise I was very impressed.  I went for a veggie bean burger which was surprisingly delicious (I think I have been eating Sainsbury’s own brand too long) and fries which were served in a separate small popcorn style box.  The ice-cream was amazing!  I tried all three flavours – caramel and salt which had that caramelised sugar taste with chunks of sea salt; Valrohana chocolate and banana and peanut butter which was absolutely yummy.  Everyone else was also really happy with their food.  Prices are a bit on the steep side but the servings were generous.

The rhubarb G&T was equally tasty and I am now trying to work out in my brain how to make it as it would be ideal to have on a picnic.  I imagine sitting in the park with a silver flask keeping my drink cold which I would then drink surreptitiously out a tea-cup (or is that too dramatic).

It might sound like I am a bit over enthusiastic but this place is definitely a must.  Go book a table now!  I am pondering an afternoon tea there for my mum’s birthday.

Sorry no pictures, I didn’t have my camera.  There are some on Hannah’s blog though.


One Response to “Bob Bob Ricard”

  1. Catherine 5 May 2011 at 11:29 am #

    I love this place! I went for breakfast for a relative’s birthday (I’m really starting to love breakfast parties!). I love the way it feels so luxurious like you could be in another era.

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