The Art of Letter Writing

17 May

It seems that the art of letter writing has not been made redundant by our modern world.  Check out these lovelies:

Hilda Grahnat

Hello Flower

And some more inspiration here.

My oldest friend in the world (she isn’t old, our friendship is) started as penpals.  We were really young and I am sad that I have no idea where all those letters are now.

Looking at these makes me want to take up my pen and write a lovely letter to someone (or perhaps tap away at an old style typewriter).  Someone preferably far away in an exotic land.  What a great gift it would be to get something like this through the door.  Definitely going on my list of things to do … once I have written my course essay at least.


One Response to “The Art of Letter Writing”

  1. siobhan 17 May 2011 at 8:05 am #

    Wow the horse envelope is stunning! I do love a bit of letter writitng 🙂

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