Great British Bloggers: coming soon

22 May

Hopefully fairly shortly (after convincing some great bloggers) I will be bringing you a series entitled Great British Bloggers.  As a British based blogger I get rather excited when I come across a fellow blogger from these fair green isles and I thought others might appreciate reading about them too.  The format of these will basically be why I like them and then hopefully a little bit from the Blogger themselves answering some questions.

As I am going to be asking people to participate I thought I better answer some of my proposed questions myself.  So here goes …

What part of your city, London, would you most align with your own personality and why?

I wish I could say somewhere super cool like Shoreditch but I wouldn’t class myself as a trendsetter.  I am quite relaxed and perhaps more subtle but easy to love once you know…  Unfortunately that probably resigns me to some surburban part of London but I am going to go with Regent’s Park.  Perhaps not the most beautiful or exciting of London’s parks but it likes to put on a good show (it has a theatre), likes to dress up in the summer (it has some beautiful rose gardens) and is great for just lounging around with all day.

Who is your favourite current British designer / artist?

This is a tough one as I am only just getting to grips with all the amazing talent we have in this country (I have the blogosphere to thank for that) and come across new finds every week.   If I had money to buy some items now it would probably be this illustrated tea pot by Esther Coombs, some stationery from Owls Go Hoot and these Swans from Luzelle of Mengsel Design.  Actually could someone put in a good word about me with the lotto balls so I can get a whole bunch more stuff?

What adventures would you have on your perfect British day?

I think my perfect London day would involve some form of teletransportation so that I could go to all the corners of London while avoiding the tube.  In my 6 years here I seem to have circled slowly around the city and have a fondness for all the places I have lived.  On this magic day I would wake up early and arrive on Columbia Road before it gets too crowded.  I would grab a bagel for breakfast from the Beigel Shop at the top of Brick Lane and then wonder around the markets for a while.  I would then catch a bus down towards St Paul’s and then cross over the River to the Tate Modern to see its latest exhibit in the Turbine Hall (they are always interesting).  As afternoon nears I would head to Somerset House and have a light lunch on the terrace.  This place is the perfect sun trap and is great for spending a few hours reading a book or having a long chat.  I would then head up to Hampstead to meet a friend at the Holly Bush  for a great Sunday pub dinner.  Afterwards, I would still have space in my stomach for the best crepes in London from the little creperie stand on the High Street.   Some other friends would then join us for some Pimms in a suitable pub on the Heath.

My favourite line from Wordworth’s “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge”.  It just has so much reverence in it.

Well I hope that has given you some insight into me and I hope you will enjoy future posts from some great bloggers from Blighty.


Here is your chance to say something lovely or interesting or wise. Please do, I love hearing from you.

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