Happy Mondays

23 May

Hope everybody had a good weekend.  Mine was fairly laid-back, one of these weekends I will get around to doing everything on my list.  Anyway… here are a couple things which made me smile in the last week.

1. The flowers down our street.  I have in fact stopped several times to smell the roses (and a couple of them do actually smell)

2. On Friday I painted my toenails a bright orange.  I bought InStyle magazine because it had a free Nail Inc nail-polish (Candy Orange) with it and I thought I wouldn’t buy such a loud orange normally and why not be adventurous.  Every time I look down I get a big grin.

3. Lazy Saturday pub lunch in the garden.  The sun was so lovely and warm.  This photo shows my new red hair.  In the light it looks pretty red but inside it is more subtle and almost chocolate coloured.  Next time I am going to buy the true red (as opposed to mahogany) to see if I can get an inside red colour.

4. A little bit of experimenting with the watercolour

5.  I picked up my poster that I won from Mengsel.  Love my little whale and really bummed I missed out on a matching towel.

What got you smiling this past week?

p.s.  Seems there is an orange obsession merging with my yellow obsession.


One Response to “Happy Mondays”

  1. Catherine 23 May 2011 at 8:01 pm #

    Ah, that nail varnish is perfect with your sandals and skin tone!
    And check this out: http://matchbookmag.com/blog/arts-crafts/a-colorful-take-on-vogue/


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