It makes me want to just sit down and cry

31 May

Sort of counter-intuitive to my earlier post …

The world just seems so messed up at the moment.

Closer to home the government is full of crazy people making cuts left, right and centre.  Pop over to Hannah’s site to read about the NHS (and sign the petition today if you are in the UK and feel what they are doing is wrong).

But globally the big news this weekend was this


I am pretty sure that I am not the only one out there who is concerned by this and wants to do something.  Though I am not quite sure what.  As someone who has a degree in this subject and has just started a masters in sustainable development this might seem a bit strange.  Surely my education should be helping me to solve these issues?  Don’t get me wrong I have learnt a lot and really enjoy it but if I wanted to do something today that could change the world … I am not sure what that would be.  Certainly at home I do all the normal things and I try not to fly often (though it is definitely hard sometimes in this global world when your family and loved ones live on the other side of it).  In other words I am not perfect but I do what I can.  But this isn’t changing the world.  And if I don’t know what to do, how do “everyday Joe’s” know what to do?

I would love to start a social enterprise that could do … something, still thinking exactly what that something would be.  Potentially something that creates or strengthens communities to … do something.  Maybe one day, hopefully soon, I will come up with a genious idea (’cause it sure looks like our poor planet could do with the help sooner rather than later).

For anyone out there reading who would like to do something but doesn’t know what let me know.  Maybe we can do something together.  Or if you just want to know what you can do at home I can offer some help.  I promise, being green isn’t that hard at all, and can be fun even (bring on my train and ferry trip to Croatia this summer).

Sorry if that put a downer on anyone.  I really think there are things that can be done, we (and that includes me) just need to be creative and adventurous.


One Response to “It makes me want to just sit down and cry”

  1. siobhan 31 May 2011 at 1:15 pm #

    I totally agree with you Michelle. Sometimes doing your bits at home, recycling, composting, reducing, re-using and so on does’t seem like enough. If there’s a revolution happeing, how ever small, then count me in. A social enterprise sounds like a wonderful idea, and everyone has to start somewhere. Spreading the word is a good start though…

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