Target review

5 Jun

Isn’t that the worst title ever for a blog?  Maybe I have been working in an office too long?

Anyway as we are heading towards the middle of the year I thought I would review my 28 by 28 list to see how I was doing.  Lots of not so good but I have plans to remedy that.

I also realised that my list in fact only included 27 goals.   I am not quite sure when my maths skills became so atrocious.  So I have added an extra one to the list.  Learn to crochet so I can make this gorgeous throw.

Despite not having achieved a couple things I have achieved some and this has inspired me to continue with the list writing (even achieving half is better than achieving nothing, no?).

So over the next two months or so I have a mini to do list which I thought I would share (it means I am more likely to keep them so bear with me):

  1. Enter this great photo competition (time is running out)
  2. Do this e-course by A Beautiful Mess.  I am starting the student life in September again and I am hoping that this might give me some inspiration for some ways that I can earn some extra.
  3. T and I are also moving in with a great friend at the end of September.  With me not working we thought we should try and reduce costs.  So in preparation for that I thought I should start minimising stuff.  Moving from a one bedroom flat to a houseshare will definitely require a bit of decluttering.
  4. And this one I am just putting on the list even though it is kind of a done deal.  Start Italian lessons.  T bought me some lessons for my birthday and he is coming with.  I am so excited.  My fruit chart has been quite useful and I already know a couple of them.  I definitely need to work on some more of these.
  5. Ooh, also finish cutting out squares and make my quilt for our new house.

Some organisational assistance from Etsy …

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2 Responses to “Target review”

  1. kellyyoung192 6 June 2011 at 1:30 pm #

    I am thinking of starting my own “list of things to accomplish”, to try and inject some inspiration and little bits of happiness and interest into my life…to help break up the monotony…

  2. Lucy 6 June 2011 at 1:53 pm #

    Love those notepads! I write myself a new to do list every week but I also have a 101 list on the Day Zero website of things I want to accomplish – it’s very motivating!

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