Great British Blogger: Hello Flower

9 Jun

Time for another Great British Blogger.

This week we have Siobhan from Hello Flower.  You might have briefly seen her around here before when I won this great giveaway on her blog.  Siobhan lives in London and is a super talented person who has a knack of finding the most beautiful vintage and thrift goods.  Not only that but she takes great photographs (you can buy postcards from her shop), crafts and crochets, cooks (check out her food blog), teaches the occassional cupcake decorating class.  This might give rise to some mild jealousy but she sent me tea with my giveaway in a homemade envelope.  You have to love that no?  Her blog covers all this and more so head on over and check it out.

What part of London would you most align with your own personality and why?

This is such a tough question! I’ve moved flat about 10 times in the last 6 or 7 years, so I’ve got to know most parts of the city pretty well and each new area I live in tends to become my new favourite. I’ve lived just south of the river in Elephant and Castle for almost two years now, so I’d probably have to say that as I’ve grown so fond of it and it feels part of me at the moment. It’s pretty down to earth, a melting pot of people and full of random things that feel like they’re yet to be discovered by the rest of London. It’s a place where I get to decide what I think is cool because no one else has decided it already for me. It’s full of surprises, little hidden nooks and crannies like a cafe in the crypt of a church, an amazing junk market, cheap fruit and veg and my favourite park in London, Burgess Park. It’s a little unorthodox, but it likes to do things its own way and that’s exactly why I like it so much.

Who is your favourite current British designer / artist?

I’m relatively new to having an active interest in British art and design, so I’m not as clued up on it as I’d like to be. I work at Southbank Centre so I’ve been involved in the new Tracey Emin exhibition at the Hayward Gallery for the last few months, so I’ve developed a bit of an interest in her. I didn’t know much about her before the exhibition, but after spending the past month devouring every interview and review of her Hayward show I’ve become really intrigued in her and her art. I change my mind about it and her all the time, and I can’t quite decide whether I like her or not but nevertheless I find her completely fascinating. She’s a fantastic story teller, her quilts are really striking and I’ve also found myself to be quite envious of her ability to be unashamedly and brutally honest. So, after all that rambling I guess I’d have to say that my current favourite artist is Tracey Emin!

What adventures would you have on your perfect British day?

Wow, that’s a hard question as well! There are so many perfect British days to be had… One of my perfect British days would have to start off with a jog around my local park, Burgess Park. Then I would pop out to meet some friends for coffee and brunch in Bermondsey Street before wandering down to the Tate Modern for the latest exhibition and some tea in the members room and one of the best views in London. Then I’d wander along the South Bank popping into to all the lovely design and book shops along the way, probably stopping at the Waterloo end for another coffee and a bite to eat. After that I’d trot on home to watch a movie and do some crochet, maybe have a little nap before going out to soho for dinner and then on to either The Slaughtered Lamb in Old Street or The Royal Festival Hall on the southbank to watch some music and have a glass of wine.


Thanks Siobhan

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Photo courtesy Siobhan.


2 Responses to “Great British Blogger: Hello Flower”

  1. siobhan 9 June 2011 at 7:20 am #

    You are too kind! Thanks for inviting me to take part in this great feature, can’t wait to see all the other British Bloggers! x

  2. laura 10 June 2011 at 1:10 pm #

    Great interview, your perfect day sounds lovely 🙂

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