New vs Vintage

11 Jun

After my great success at the carboot sale last weekend I have a newfound love of everything second hand (for what was previously limited to homewares and furniture).  Artemis (Junkaholique) is a great blogger who you have likely come across, but she also has a lovely online vintage store called The Bucket Tree.  Her items aren’t the discounted bargains like you would find at carboots but are more often than not unique items which you (by which I mean me) would have a hard time finding.

Some of her items that she has recently added reminded me of things that I had seen around in shops so I thought I would do a little comparison.

The satchel on the left is from the Cambridge Satchel Company  and the one on the right is a vintage version from the 1970s.  What I like about the vintage one is that it already has that gorgeous worn in look.  The price tags are pretty similar though so this would be a tough choice as the new one would be sure to last a lifetime anyway.  Although as a vegetarian who doesn’t wear leather but is reconsidering my position on second hand leather it would have to be the vintage version.

The clutch on the left is from Anthropologie for the bargain price of £78. Quite cute and I like the detailing but surely easy enough to do to this vintage version which is a third of the price and in “unused condition”.

Obviously finding a vintage dress that is exactly the same as a new one might be a bit difficult but I think these have a similar feel with the detailing on the top.  The new one (on the left) is also from Anthropologie for a cool £198.  The vintage version is a slightly pricey £65 but is from 1910!  Admittedly I prefer the style of the new but the vintage does have something the new one can’t touch – history.

Which would you buy?

Sources: All vintage photos by Artemis/Junkaholique


3 Responses to “New vs Vintage”

  1. siobhan 11 June 2011 at 9:45 am #

    Great post! It’s vintage/second hand all the way for me…but the cheap stuff! I love to be the one that does all the rooting and finding of the gems. It’s so much more special than just buying from high street stores, and chances are you won’t end up with all the same stuff as everyone else. Second hand rules!

  2. Nic's Notebook 11 June 2011 at 10:09 am #

    Vintage def!!

  3. taghrid 13 June 2011 at 8:15 am #

    love the cambridge leather messenger! i want one in bright yellow

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