Cannizaro House: Afternoon Tea

14 Jun

On Sunday I treated my mum to afternoon tea at Cannizaro House,  in Wimbledon Village facing onto the common.  It is a beautiful house which has been there for over 300 years (although mostly rebuilt in the 1920s after a fire destroyed much of the building).  It is also situated in Cannizaro Park which is a secret little part of Wimbledon that I believe many people don’t know about.  The gardens are open to the public as they are owned by the local council and are really quite pretty.  Unfortunately the weather on Sunday was not conducive to a wander around them.

Anyway, to the tea…

The hotel is suprising popular and though I booked at the beginning of the week could only get a seating for 5pm.  The interior of the house is rather interesting with the old architecture but contemporary art and prints (for sale) and quirky design features which seem to be influenced by Alice in Wonderland (like flamingo wall paper in the one room and a teapot fountain outside).

For under £20 you are served a very generous amount of food, sandwiches, two scones and several pastries.  These included a large macaron, a profiterole, pannacotta and a chocolate cake with mousse in it.  All in a delightful range of pinks.

One small issue I had was that even though we informed the waiter that we were all vegetarian, they still brought us meat/fish sandwiches and gelatine laced food.  Obviously there was a lack of communication here which I think let the team down.

The range of teas is also not extensive with a few of the usual suspects plus some fruit teas and a fresh mint.

The food, however, was lovely and the venue is pleasant.

Unfortunately the photos are rather limited by the fact that it was very grey outside and so not outside photos and only a few blurry inside ones of the food, but here you go.  I would go again but make it very clear to the staff that I don’t want any ham or salmon sandwiches served.

I used the Picnik 1960s effect (introduced to me by Elizabeth at Rosalilium)


One Response to “Cannizaro House: Afternoon Tea”

  1. Lucy 15 June 2011 at 9:37 pm #

    Looks delicious and I’m totally going to check out that 60s effect!! x

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