Happy Mondays

20 Jun

These are lovelies from my past week:

1. This lovely poem by Robert Hershon, so simple and elegant.  I just love the first stanza.  I always tell T he isn’t allowed to die before me or I will be really mad at him.

2. We booked our hotel in Bologna last night (we are staying for two nights on the way back from Croatia).  This is a hotel which we didn’t book although I am rather partial to the delightful heart shaped rug.  Who ever thought the Italians had style haven’t seen the delights on offer by the majority of their hotels.

3. Now I do not mean to be nasty with this one but sometimes when people whose first language isn’t English write something in English it can be really funny (I imagine my attempts at writing Italian would be far worse) and this  made me laugh.  Loincloth anyone? That said, I do rather like the towel and wonder if it would work as a throw on a couch.

4. The Giant Hungry Hippos at the Lamb Pub in Surbiton.  They do a lot of community events and this was a good laugh.

5.  All the lovely comments people leave.  I get a little excited everytime I get a message saying someone has commented (I know that sounds a little bit sad) but it is nice to know what people think and that they are enjoying something that I am having such a great time doing.


One Response to “Happy Mondays”

  1. Toni 20 June 2011 at 2:51 pm #

    What a lovely poem! The line “i’ll start wearing shirts with sailboats on them” made me laugh 🙂

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