Dejunking the wardrobe

21 Jun

So on Sunday I did indeed get around to sorting out my wardrobe.  I pulled everything out onto the bed and dived in.  I didn’t really try a lot of things on but decided almost immediately what needed to go although a few things lingered in a maybe pile.

I have still kept some items which are maybes that I will revisit just before we move.  Notably my skinny jeans.  If I am unable to get into these by the time we move they will be sent away to some other svelte creature.  I filled two bags worth of clothes that I will be getting rid of (either through a clothes swap, carboot or charity shop).

This is what I have left.  I started typing out a list of all individual items but it was getting slightly crazy so I thought I would just give a total of all clothing items.

  • Dresses: 14
  • Leggings: 2 black cotton pairs; 2 jeggings (sorry they are comfortable)
  • Jeans: 1 pair that fits; 1 pair that doesn’t
  • Trousers: 2
  • Shorts: 1
  • Skirts: 2
  • Knits: 5
  • Long sleeve t’s: 9
  • Short sleeve t’s: 6
  • Vest t’s: 13 (I mostly wear these under things)
  • Cardigans (my apparent downfall): 5
  • Tunic tops: 4 (including 1 for the maybe pile)
  • Other tops: 2
  • 1 winter coat (navy)
  • Scarves: 6
  • 1 pair gloves
  • 2 woolen hats
  • some pjs and work out clothes (I didn’t count these cause they don’t count – do they?)

So that is a grand total of just under 80 items excluding working out/pjs and maybe some things hiding in the wash.  I only realised after I left the house that I hadn’t gone through my shoes – oops, a task for next weekend maybe.

I also have some things I want to make which will add to this but not too much.  In fact at my current sewing pace it might be a very long while.

Overall it does seem a bit dress heavy and I think I will swap out some dresses with skirts because they are more versatile.

How do you compare?  Is my wardrobe ‘normal’? Do you have less? More?

Oh, one more question … Can you have too many stripes?

So the next step according to my online advice is defining my style and so as to avoid an opus that will be wait until another day.


5 Responses to “Dejunking the wardrobe”

  1. Elizabeth@rosalilium 22 June 2011 at 7:53 am #

    you can never have too many stripes. ok.

  2. kellyyoung192 22 June 2011 at 11:47 am #

    wow, that is a lot of stripes… and 14 dresses! LOL 🙂 I’m now intrigued, and may count my stuff… will let you know when i do!

  3. Lucy 22 June 2011 at 10:51 pm #

    I had 23 dresses at the last count! I have a lot more clothes than you but I wear probably about 35% of them. No never too many stripes!

  4. Michelle Y 23 June 2011 at 10:18 am #

    Yay for stripes!

    Lucy: sounds like you need to discover what you have hiding in your wardrobe.

    Kelly: I don’t think 14 dresses is too bad when you consider that I only have 2 trousers and 2 skirts (and some leggings and jeans but can’t wear those to work) … I really thought that I would own more.

  5. kellyyoung192 16 July 2011 at 6:21 pm #

    Ok so… I counted my stuff…. bear in mnid I have just lost 2 of my favourite ‘trousers’ a pair of jeans and tight-fitting brown cargo-type trousers, reason for death – overuse!
    I also did a bit of a “dejunk”, though there was only a handful of things I could ditch right away.

    Also considering most of my clothes are 3 or more years old (yes scary but true)… I think I’m doing ok. Alot of my t-shirts (smart & plain) are looking rather worse for wear, so will probably have to chuck them, and replace them in the next couple of months… I counted all clothing, shoes & handbags.

    Undies… not counted… I figured since I only ever have 3 or 4 bras and probably only enough knickers to last a fornight without washing… I don’t think anyone can accuse me of being excessive in that area.

    So here is… drum roll please…


    Scarves (winter & summer) = 7 (grey, yellow-beige, red, 2 are multi-coloured)
    Knitted shrugs = 2 (beige/lightbrown)
    Jackets = 4 (denim, beige, green, charcoal)
    Cardigan = 1 (grey)
    Mooch-around jerseys = 2
    workout trousers = 2
    workout tops = 2
    Tracksuit pants = 2
    pj tops/bottoms = 2 sets
    Long sleeve shirts (work) = 2 (red & light blue)
    Short-sleeved shirts = 3 (all white with either blue or yellow stripes)
    Chiffon-type wrap top = brown with small turquoise flower detail
    v-neck ¾ sleeve sweaters = 3 (all various shades of blue)
    v-neck ¾ sleeve t-shirt = 1 (also blue)
    batwing jersey top = 3 (2 brown)
    knitted/crochet top = 1 orange (it looks better than it sounds, especially with jeans)
    T-shirts = 6 (smart) 5 (basic) all in various colours
    Vest tops = 10 (a few of which I only ever wear under something)
    Dress/tunics = 3 winter/autumn
    Skirts = 2 summer (beige & lime green); 3 all-season (2 different browns & a black with green spots)
    Hoody = 2 (1 green & 1 white with purple pattern)
    Leggings = 2 (brown & black)
    Stockings = 6 of different colours (mostly brown though)
    ¾ trousers (just below knee) = 1 charcoal, 1 black, 1 checked
    Outdoorsy cargo trousers = 1 dark green (useful for hiking/gardening etc)
    Cocktail dress = 1 red
    Evening/ball-gown type dress = 1 champagne
    Swimming costumes = 2
    Belts = 2 (1 normal width which is brown & 1 wide bronze)

    Ugg boots = 1 brown
    Ankle cowboy-type boots = 1 brown
    Flat sketcher-type sneakers = 1
    Gym/running shoes = 1
    Sandals = 1 bronze
    High-heeled, pointed toe boots = 1 light brown colour
    Peep toe cork wedges = 1 electric blue
    Black pointed toe pumps = 1 black
    Open kitten heels = 3 (light gold, black & brown pairs)
    Plastic beach flipflops = 2
    Slippers = 1

    Messenger bag = 1 olive green
    Sliver clutch = 1 vintage passed down from mum
    Black clutch = 1 vintage also passed down from mum
    Black = 1 medium sized
    Sage green = 1 medium-large size
    denim = 1 small messenger type style, that i made myself from an old pair of jeans 🙂
    light Brown = 1 (my everyday handbag, which is medium sized)


    1) all my shoes & handbags are good nick, and I have a good range for pretty much any occasion – though considering I live in a hot climate, it may be a good idea to invest in another pair of sandles (or 2)…

    2) I’m a bit nuts about blue apparently and brown (but I feel black just does not suit me)… and have a good number of skirts & jackets. Seriously lacking in the long trouser/jean department, so will have to remedy that (I’m actually struggling to get dressed at the moment). T-shirts and some of the vests I wear as outer garments are getting old, and grungy, so will probably replace a couple of the worst with newer ones. Again, considering climate, I think I will need to invest in some shorts…and am really loving the maxi skirt on this blog…

    3) There are few items on the list that are in still really good nick, simply because I have only worn them a couple of times. I was chatting to a friend about this, and we are going to have a clothing swap party… so that will be good to get rid of a couple of things… namely the 2 brown batwing tops (I was a bit crazy about this style at one stage)

    The GUIDE for future purchases
    1) Be more mindful when buying clothes… I usually end up buying great individual pieces but then when i get home, they don’t pair up with anything in my wardrobe.
    2) I also want to buy clothes that I can use regardless of season, just by layering or adding stockings or leggings or shorts. That way things don’t get forgotten about, and they are used well and good, meaning less buying & wastage.
    3) I’d like to try and sew some of the new items and I’m using Pinterest to gather some info & inspiration…

    The GOAL = AWESOME wardrobe full of AWESOME outfits…

    What do you think? 🙂

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