Defining my style

22 Jun

Okay so I cleaned my cupboard out substantially.  However, of the clothes that I am keeping I cannot say that I love many of them.  By this I mean I don’t feel amazing in them.  And really shouldn’t you feel amazing in all of your clothes? I think they are on the most part pretty dull and boring and I just don’t say anything about my personality.

So moving on to step two-ish from my various advice columns: how would I define my style?  Looking at my Style Love pinboard the things that jump out at me are:

  • Neutrals: Navy, white, grey, tan (which I think I follow at the moment though maybe a bit too much).
  • Colours: Yellow, pinky-blush, greens, blue, oranges (i.e. piles of colour)
  • Stripes! (I think I am on top of this one as per earlier post)
  • Feminine – skirts, pleats, lace
  • Some more structured/tailored look
  • Skirts on the waist or hips in all lengths
  • Shift dresses with belts
  • A recurring theme of green coats

All these pictures are rather summery but add some tights and a coat I think they are trans-seasonal.  I am not that big on having two wardrobes.  Layering is key.

I would like to bring more of this into my wardrobe but it will have to be done slowly unfortunately.  And as I do I am going to follow Kate’s advise of one in one out.

I also want to work on creating more outfits from what I have.  Kendi (Kendi Everyday) does a great challenge of only using 30 items (including shoes) for 30 days and you can’t wear the same outfit twice.  I am thinking I might try this out before we go on holiday.

So what is your style?  Have you gone through a feeling styless crisis lately?

Sources: on pinterest (sorry being lazy)


2 Responses to “Defining my style”

  1. siobhan 22 June 2011 at 7:22 pm #

    I feel totally the same as you!! I’ve come to dislike most of m clothes, and the ones I love are so mismatched and random I can’t wear them together. I’m also skint as I’m saving so I’m pretty much stuck in all the clothes I have till I move house. But…the massive upside is I’m making a huge wishlist of all the things I want to buy when I can spend money. Hooray!

    Love your style choices!

    • Michelle Y 23 June 2011 at 10:15 am #

      Hope the house hunting is going well. Fingers crossed you can spoil yourself with a moving in outfit (or two) when you find the place.

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