Great British Blogger: Style Anthro

23 Jun

I have another Great British Blogger for you today.

Catherine of Style Anthro entered the world of blogging shortly after me and so I feel a certain afinity with her.  I really love the style of her blog which approaches life and fashion from the perspective of an anthropology graduate.  She knows some cool people like this friend who made a coat-tent (yes you read that right), takes you on a tour of her week with her field notes segment and gives a bit of fashion insight from a perspective that I think is unique in a world drenched in fashion blogs.  Plus she has the cutest bunny I have ever seen.  So check out her interview and then go take a trip over to her blog.

What part of your city, London would you most align with your own personality and why?
I would probably associate myself with Notting Hill. Quintissentially British, with a twist! I love the mix of quirky shops and little cafes, and am generally drawn to small things with lots of character. I often have people telling me I’m ‘too cute’, in that everything I buy or make is always super girly and in miniature form, and a bit whimsical. Notting Hill is like that with it’s tucked away corners and the Portobello Market, but there is also a side to it that is a little bit gritty and unpolished.

Who is your favourite current British designer / artist?
I love Rob Ryan. I know it seems like an obvious answer, but that is just his allure! I love how romantic and charming his pieces are, but in a subtle way. I think that’s what makes him very British – that the statements he makes with his work are never over the top declarations of passion, but promises of long lasting love. I also like the fact that he is a big hairy guy doing super-intricate papercuts, and that his wife has said, in response to being asked what it’s like to live with Britain’s most romantic man, that he’s just Rob to her. My favourite British designer is whoever is behind the design team at Liberty’s, and also Tricia Guild, who does chintzy florals and pretty prints that are perfect for sprucing up a tired room.

What adventures would you have on your perfect British day?
Recently I’ve become very low key and just happy to potter about down my side of London. When I lived in Archway (North London) I would have said my perfect day would be heading to Columbia Road in the East End for the Sunday flower market and, of course, checking out Ryantown (Rob Ryan’s shop) and all the little crafty boutiques there. But now that I’m happily settled back at home with my parents in Richmond, I rarely venture north of the river! My perfect day down this end of town would be nipping to Clapham to have a browse around the Northcote Road, then head to Cote in Richmond for Sunday brunch (they do my favourite Eggs Benedict) and have a cocktail down on the riverbank, before heading home for tea and cake in the garden with my mum.

What is something we might not know about you?
I work in fashion, but I am desperate to work in a museum! I really miss learning, and find myself rereading essays from my Social Anthropology degree. My perfect job would be working at the Fashion & Textiles Museum or the Design Museum, where I would ultimately get the best of both worlds!


Thanks for stopping by Catherine and good luck with future job hunting.

Photos courtesy of Catherine.


One Response to “Great British Blogger: Style Anthro”

  1. siobhan 23 June 2011 at 7:31 pm #

    I love Catherine’s blog, she’s so cute and her Rabbit is so sweet too! Loving this blog series 🙂 xx

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