Maxi skirt – how to

26 Jun

I made a maxi skirt yesterday.  I had tried to find a tutorial online so I wouldn’t need to pay for a pattern but could only find one for a tiered skirt and I wanted something much simpler.  Perhaps the reason I couldn’t find a tutorial.  So I thought I would explain how I made my skirt just in case other people were interested.  Just so you know this is only the third item I have made and I am not about to win any awards for sewing, in fact I would probably get thrown off the assembly line.  But you might still find it useful.  Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of the process but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

So this is what it looks like, and I must say I am pretty happy with it.

You will need:

  • just over 1 metre of elasticated jersey material (mine was 165 cm wide).  I got mine from John Lewis and it is (if I remember correctly) 6% elastine.  Basically it stretches both ways and has some weight to it so that it will hang nicely
  • elastic for your waist.  I wanted quite a thick band so used one 40 mm wide
  • matching cotton
  • newspaper or wrapping paper to make pattern

How to:

  1. Measure around where you want the skirt to sit.  I wanted mine right on the hip bone. Also measure from that point down to the ground (I used a full metre but it turned out a bit long)
  2. I then used a piece of newspaper to make a rough pattern.  At the top it was 1/4 the measurement of my waist plus 1 cm (for seem allowance) (I made mine a generous 25 cm) and then a line down to the bottom of the skirt (mine was just over 40cm).  I actually squared the bottom but it does slightly bubble the seam, so would suggest just going straight from corner to corner.
  3. Fold the material so that it the outside edges meet in the middle.
  4. Pin the ‘pattern’ to the each side and cut out to create a front and back.  As it is jersey be careful not to lift it too high off the ground as it pulls unevenly.
  5. For the waist band: if using 40 mm wide elastic cut a further piece of fabric 10 cm wide and the length of the waist/hip measurement (step 1) plus a few centimetres for seems.
  6. Pin together the front and back pieces of the skirt on one side and sew
  7. Fold the waist band in half and pin with the open edge to the top of the skirt edge on the outside and sew
  8. Feed the elastic through the waist band.
  9. Pin and sew the other side of skirt and sew (plus a couple times over the elastic).
  10. I didn’t hem the skirt as jersey doesn’t fray but did need to cut the bottom because it was a bit long and slightly uneven between the front and back
  11. Smile you’re done.

As a beginner this process took me about three hours.  If you are more experienced you will probably take less time, but then again you probably wouldn’t need this tutorial.

Lessons learned:

  1. Beginners should avoid very elastic jersey material it is frustrating and hard to work with.
  2. I get sewing rage.
  3. Sewing something totally out of your mind can be very rewarding.
  4. Judging from the picture above I am not going to become an outfit blogger anytime soon.

p.s I dyed my hair “fire red” no so fiery red 😦


3 Responses to “Maxi skirt – how to”

  1. siobhan 26 June 2011 at 8:16 pm #

    The skirt looks fab! Love the colour too. You must feel so proud of your creation! 🙂

  2. kellyyoung192 3 July 2011 at 4:19 pm #

    WOW!!! Well done!!! 🙂 love the red stipey T and hat combo!!!

  3. kellyyoung192 3 July 2011 at 4:21 pm #

    WOW!!! Well done!!! 🙂 love the red stripey T and hat combo!!!

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