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28 Jun

I happened upon a blog recently (which I now can’t find – doesn’t that annoy you) and was interested by a post on decorating.  Something that struck me was the suggestion that you only keep things that you absolutely love.  Obviously this makes sense but it is limited when you are renting (especially in England where a lot of properties come furnished).  Really the only area where I have been able to hint at my personality has been with the things I have put on the wall.  This, of course, is also tempered somewhat when you live with someone else who also gets to have a say with what goes on the wall (although ever since he chose curtains which I was never particularly keen on and then decided that he didn’t like them either I have removed all future decorating privileges).

I thought I would share some of what we have …

I have always been attracted to photography more than other types of art and the way it captures so perfectly a moment in time, the play of light, the realism of it.  This is one of the first pieces we bought together.  The gentlemen in the photo is the photographer who took that famous picture of Chez Geuvara.  I love the simplicity of the setting.  We got it for a quite a good deal from the photographer, Keith Cardwell, when he had a stall at Greenwich Market.  Four photos plus frames came to £100.  A gallery now sells them online for just under that each!  I also wonder who the lady framed in the corner is – his daughter, wife, lover or just a model? (Click on photo to be taken to gallery).

We also have three other photos by Cardwell, two others of Cuba (a place I long to visit) and one of a Bolshoi dancer performing for one of the stage hands.   I still love my Cuba photos but they have taken pride of place in our homes for over 4 years and I would love to reframe them and give them less of a staring role, allow us to miss them a bit perhaps?

We picked up this old Mexican movie poster in a shop on Columbia Road that sells a range of Mexican products. It is more quirky and I think hints at our current tastes more.

This large map of Florence sits on a shelf in the kitchen as it seems to heavy for one nail and we don’t want to put too many holes in the wall.  We bought it in one of Florence’s many paper shops for about €2.  This is a reminder of my goal to move to Italy in the next few years.

On a whim I also bought a print on an old book page, though I don’t think it is quite our style.  In line with the advice I think this will be moving on to a new home soon.

We also have some other prints recently acquired that we are waiting to move before we hang up as well as some personal photos and postcards.  I would love to get a whole lot more art and put it on our walls (landlords allowing) in that now popular salon style. 

T is always saying that we should put more of our own photos on the wall but it somehow seems a bit strange.  Is that just me?

So that is what we have… what do you hang on your walls?  What attracts you to something and makes you have to own it?


2 Responses to “On the wall”

  1. Catherine Sprunt 30 June 2011 at 7:33 am #

    I love anything whimsy with my favourite colour palette. And once I see it there is no stopping me. I also love really simple frames and want to make a little frame wall. What I like about frame walls is you can have lots of things at different sizes, so I love just picking little things up randomly. I have a gorgeous set of postcards from Paperchase by The Claudettes (I think) which I have been meaning to frame for ages! And also once had a framed paper bag from the make up shop B, which has now closed, on my bag. Anything goes, for me! xo

  2. Laura 2 July 2011 at 11:04 am #

    Lovely post. We also share the problem of renting so not wanting to make marks or put nails in the walls which makes it tricky to display nice art. At the moment we have a nice screen printed band poster we got at a festival last year, and a couple more illustrated posters up. I put them up using washi tape which doesn’t seem to leave a mark which is great! Also have some bunting up in the kitchen. Would love to put more personal artwork up though. I do have quite a few photos and polaroids on the walls though and over our bed-head. x

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