Magpie alert

6 Jul

Along with my recent wardrobe dejunking I have been considering jewelry.  I have piles of things which are cheap and slighly nasty and they are in the bag to go down to the charity shop or alternatively I have a friend who might be keen to work some magic with them.

I would like to buy a couple statement pieces that really jouge* up an outfit.  Unfortunately it will have to wait, but these are some things around the web that I quite like the look of.

1. Little Ocean; 2. Gold-hearted; 3 Snug Studios; 4 miomion; 5. Rust (I just luuuve this ring, the diamond is  in champagne so it is like a party on your hand).

Where do your jewelry tastes lie?  Any suggestions?

* I have no idea how to spell this word despite trying to work it out with a google search.  I believe it is a French word which means to add a little bit of something.  You know what I mean right?  Any French speakers out there?


One Response to “Magpie alert”

  1. Catherine Sprunt 6 July 2011 at 9:09 pm #

    Okay I just visited your blog on iPad..did you change your layout? I haven’t seen the different pages swipe-y layout before but it’s soo cool! I absolutely adore Rust, their diamonds are so delicate I want to get married now with a ring from their shop and a vintage dress that is on their vintage shop! I also love Alex Monroe for nature inspired delicate pieces xo

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