Gelato Report: Scoop

16 Jul

Welcome to the first gelato report.

Firstly, I would like to share something amazing that I have discovered.  Gelato has less calories than ice-cream! This has resulted in me trying more flavours then I would have previously probably countering any calorie savings but one must sacrifice for the greater good.  I previously thought that gelato was just the Italian word for ice-cream but it appears they are made with different processes.  Gelato has less butterfat added to it typically having under 10% fat whereas normal ice-cream has in the region of 18 to 26 percent.  But it is still so creamy, how do they do this!  Well apparently those sneaky ice-cream makers add more air in the mixing process meaning that it melts easier and has to be frozen at a lower temperature.  This results in (i) a slower melt on the tongue and thus release of taste and (2) potential for brainfreeze.  The quicker melt of gelato on the tongue and the thickness makes it so much yummier.

Well, now that you have had your gelato lesson you can feel free to visit any of the locations I will suggest with minimum of guilt.  See me eating all this gelato for eternity (sorry had to get on the .gif bandwagon).



There are parlours in Covent Garden and Soho with one opening shortly in Kensington.  I have only visited the Soho shop which is in Brewer street near my office (ohoh). The store is small but with a few seats in it where you could also sit and enjoy the pancakes they offer (although I haven’t done this as my preferred method of eating gelato is to take a slow meandering walk).  It has a fairly simple look (if slightly cluttered counter) with some interesting art (gotta love some upcycling).

The staff are friendly.  The gelato is piled in billowy pillows behind a counter which is pleasing to the eye though can create difficulties when faced with such options on what options to choose.


The Soho store has a number of flavours which are made fresh daily and so there have been slight variations each time I have gone in.  I think there were about 18 gelato flavours available and 6 sorbets available. Over several visits I have tried the following flavours:

  • Pistachio: Firstly colour is important for me.  This isn’t a bright green colour but more a creamy beige colour with perhaps a slight hint of the pistachio green.  This food does not have colouring in to make it “more appealing”.   Delicate but delicious.
  • Cioccolato Extra Fondente: this extra dark chocolate is less frozen and so has an almost runny mousse texture with an amazingly intense flavour
  • Cioccolato Fondente: a milk chocolate which is just right if you are looking for a lighter chocolate fix.  It reminded me of the flavour of Milo (for those of you might have grown up in South Africa).
  • Peanut: as you are likely aware I have a love of peanut butter which probably borders on the obsessive.  This isn’t a dense peanut butter flavour but a more subtle and creamy peanut flavour, very much enjoyed.
  • Caramello: not that sickly sweet gooey stuff that comes in some chocolates, but the delightful rich taste of just-not-burnt sugar with little bits of caramlised sugar in it.
  • Vanigle (sampled): light flavour, very creamy tasting – perhaps more creamy than vanilla without the lovely black specks.
  • Tiramasu (sampled): I am not a fan of this dessert as I normally find it overly alcoholised but a favourite of T’s.  This was a good combination of chocolate, coffee and a hint of alcohol and actually quite good. T felt it wasn’t memorable.

I am still to try the sorbets which looked really colourful.

My reference point for flavours is still to be replaced by Gelateria del Teatro in Rome which is very adventerous with its flavour combinations.  I think it unfair to compare English establishments with this however and this is definitely well worth the visit.


4 Responses to “Gelato Report: Scoop”

  1. Mademoiselle Poirot 16 July 2011 at 2:33 pm #

    Oh yum! I will have to try the one in Soho, though I wish I had read this yesterday when it was warm and sunny…

    Thanks for your lovely comment. Sorry I’ve been a bit slow with my replies, I’m happy that this week is over – not a great one to remember…

    BTW: the effect I use on my picture is an analogue one from toycamera which I bought online and downloaded. I love that it gives my pictures a more old-fashioned look.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Carole xo

  2. siobhan 16 July 2011 at 7:19 pm #

    Haha like the gif! Wish they did vegan stuff 😦 I might start a vegan frozen yoghurt buiness too, just so I can have some myself.

  3. Kate 16 July 2011 at 7:37 pm #

    this sounds amazing! another thing to add to my list of things to do in London before I leave for university! p.s. love your blog

  4. anamublog 18 July 2011 at 12:26 pm #

    you did it! the gif, that is. very fun.

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