Gelato Report: Bologna & Parma

8 Sep

After a glut of pretty standard ice-cream in Croatia it was brilliant to head to Italy and have some real gelato.  I was on a mission to try as many places as possible while we were staying in Bologna for 3 days on the way back to the UK.

I didn’t try enough flavours to give a full report but these were all good and if you happen to be in the area I can confidently say that what I tried was pretty tasty.

Gelateria Novecento, Via Indepenzia 3C, Bologna

This is right on the main street from the station into town.  There is just a little window onto the street and a couple of standard flavours but it was good.

Grom, Via D’Azeglio 13, Bologna

This seems like a new establishment (and now that I look online is also a chain – which is something I would usually avoid).  I didn’t actually have gelato here but some amazing sorbetti and a granita which were both pretty good.  They are trying to be ethical with their cups and spoons being biodegradable which is good as a lot of Italians get the cups instead of the cones (which makes sense if you eat it often) this is quite a good move.  A lot of places serve it in plastic.

Stefino, Via Galleria 49b, Bologna

I had an amazing pistachio combined with chocolate flavour which was really thick and creamy and an amazing lemon flavoured one which was like a creamy lemon curd.  It seems popular with the locals who queued up to get some gelato, strangely with whipped cream on top.

K2, Parma (behind the Duoma)

According to a piece we found online this was supposed to be run by nuns.  Instead there was a very attractive Italian man who I told T I might run away with because not only was he attractive but he made my gelato look like a flower.  T thought he was gay…  The gelato wasn’t the best but was still good.

I didn’t get to try Il Gelataura as it was closed for August (which is pretty normal) but last time I was in Bologna they were pretty amazing.


One Response to “Gelato Report: Bologna & Parma”

  1. Donald 8 September 2011 at 10:47 am #

    This will have to be my next sweet-tooth destination then 🙂 Thanks

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