Happy Mondays

26 Sep

What an exhausting weekend.

We started packing our house for moving and it now looks like a crazy mess with boxes, recycling and bags to go to the charity shop piled up around our lounge.  We pick up the keys before the weekend though and by Saturday we will be sleeping in our new room.  Unfortunately our new bed will only arrive two weeks later.  I am pretty darn impressed with how much we packed though in one day.

I also met my friend Donald, who I blogged about before.  We are going to start working together which I am really super excited about.  If you haven’t already go and check out his blog I Spy NW1.

On Sunday I met my friend who I coerced into spending the day with me so that I could take some photos.  I had her do crazy things like knit in a cocktail dress and walk through a graveyard with me.  The Highgate Cemetery is pretty interesting if you haven’t been before and I am keen to go for another visit.  Anyway, this is one of my favourite pictures from the day.

Ooh and 3 days left of the job before heading back to school next week.  Pretty excited for the full plate of studying and creativity I am planning on getting up to.


2 Responses to “Happy Mondays”

  1. siobhan 27 September 2011 at 7:34 am #

    Stunning photo. The light is beautiful. Your weekend sounds a lot like my weekend! I’ll be moved by Saturday as well. Good luck with you move, looking forward to seeing pictures! x

  2. Don 27 September 2011 at 11:28 am #

    Absolutely love the photo and I agree with Siobhan, the lighting is beautiful.

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