We are in

5 Oct

Over the weekend we moved into our new flat.

At the moment our bedroom looks very much like a disaster area.  That is what happens when you move from a one bedroom house to a flatshare and don’t own much furniture and that you do own doesn’t really work.  We did get a lovely small chest of drawers off Gumtree which is T’s new bedside table.  Otherwise our clothes are either hung up on a rather wobbly clothes pole or still in bags.  So you will have to wait for pictures of that.

In the meantime I have discovered the right temperature for cooking pancakes on our stove.  I haven’t cooked on gas for years as we have had electric so it will be a slight readjustment.

And for your patience with my sporadic emails here are some flowers.  I got on my last day of work but I don’t mind sharing.  They survived the move and four days living in a box.  Here they are sitting in our new lounge.  I can see a lot of pictures being taken in here.

Thank you also for all comments while I am away.  I am reading them when I can but only have sporadic access still.


One Response to “We are in”

  1. The Girl 6 October 2011 at 9:01 am #

    Hurray for moving! Hope you get all settled in soon.

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