Happy day

11 Oct

School has started and I am right in the thick of it already.  I love that my brain is being challenged after a year in my less than challenging job but boy is it knackering.

Nothing too exciting has happened of late as we are still also trying to settle into our new flat and with only a semi-furnished bedroom it is still pretty much a disaster area.

On Saturday we went to Ikea though and bought a new wardrobe (aside from our bed the only new piece I want to buy).  We have a rather tight staircase so we thought it easier to buy a flatpack cupboard then to try and get a second hand cupboard up the stairs.  So at least some of our stuff is out of bags and off the floor.  Tomorrow our new bed arrives which is even more exciting.  An air bed is not the most comfortable sleeping device.  Our bed has some under-bed storage so I am hoping by tomorrow night our room will be closer to livable.  We still own a lot of stuff though and I think I really need to evaluate some of the things I own.

In other happy news I won another blog giveaway.  Boy I am lucky.  Thanks Jess!

Plus I have a couple exciting projects in the next few weeks including assisting and styling a shoot with my friend Donald (who has a new blog showcasing his wedding photos.  First post went live today!) and a couple photo shoots of my own to practice my own style.  And hopefully once our internet is up and running I will get around to opening my own Etsy shop with some of my photos!  And inbetween all this writing an assignment and attending class.  I like to keep myself out of trouble 😉

As I haven’t had a chance to take my camera out at all for the last two weeks here is one from the shoot I did with my friend a couple weekends ago.  I made her wear a cocktail dress and knit, but she got into the swing of things.


One Response to “Happy day”

  1. siobhan 16 October 2011 at 7:25 pm #

    I hear ya about living in a half furnished flat, it’s a bit chaotic! Good lick with opening up an Etsy shop, looking forward to seeing your photos. Hope you’re enjoying the new flat xx

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