Happy Mondays

7 Nov

After a week of intense study I had the laziest weekend (yet still seemed to get out every night).

All day was spent doing this …

This photo is taken with me lying in bed.  The days were generally grey too so it felt appropriate to stay under the duvet.


  1. Stayed for the fireworks display at my university on Friday night.  Most of the class headed down and it was rather impressive.  We also had some post course drinks which were great.  I did keep doing a weird arm wiggle dance.  I remember being rather good at dancing in my “youth” and am wondering if I have somehow gained dad dance moves with age.  Scary.
  2. On Saturday we joined a friend for dinner to celebrate their birthday.  A great group of people who we only somehow manage to see once or twice a year but always good fun.
  3. On Sunday we headed to Surbiton to see a play that The Housemate is stage managing.  It is a community play about how the Seething Wells were used during the cholera epidemic.  It was excellent and I suggest you go down if you are in a near enough vacinity.  The performance runs until Sunday 12 November and is free, you just need to reserve tickets through the website.


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