Yesterday’s dinner

6 Dec

Last night I had some of my Uni friends around for dinner.  Food was good but I didn’t take any pictures.

I came across the Scandi Foodie blog last week and the food just all looked so delicious.  So last night I thought I would test out some recipes.

For mains I made this beetroot orzotto, mainly to use up a pile of beetroot that had come with our veg box.  I had thought that it would be a bit overpowering in flavour but it was actually really good and almost sweet.  I just boiled up the pearl barley in stock and then added the other ingredients.  Really simple in that even though it takes a while to cook it can be put on and mostly left so you can either (a) work on some other bits or (b) go and sit with your guests.

As a side I served a salad inspired by this butter bean, roast tomato and olive salad.  I never do salad dressing but the juice from the tomatoes and a spoon of rapeseed oil worked fine.  I also added some friend halloumi for some extra punchy flavour.

Finally for dessert I made apple tartlets.  I like my cooked apples tender so baked them a bit before hand.  I also only had spelt flour.  Otherwise these were really good (if slightly chewy but that could be because I didn’t measure properly.)

And just a random picture.


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