Invincible Summer

23 Jan

I came across this amazing poster by Matthew Kavan Brooks which felt so perfect for my current state.  I am aware there is a deeper metaphorical meaning to this and even though this winter has been rather mild I have been stuck in a mire of essay writing all January.  But the fact that I will be heading back to South Africa and then Australia for a really long holiday means that summer is just around the corner for me.

I am sad that I will miss the daffodils (it is perhaps my favourite British season) and even more sad that I won’t see my boyfriend for two months (note: I hate the word boyfriend, we have been living together for 6 years and boyfriend sound like what 16 year old girls have).  Anyway I am still pretty excited.

I think I might have to go see if I can find some denim shorts in my local charity shop…


One Response to “Invincible Summer”

  1. lola 23 January 2012 at 10:28 pm #

    It is perfect! I keep worrying about the weather, secretly inside I feel so happy about how mild it is but I’m worried if I start saying this outloud the weather will turn against me and I’ll be deicing my car every morning! X

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