Wedgewood Blue

30 Jan

You know those possession of your Grandma’s that you coveted as a child?  I loved this little Wedgewood box the most.  It was kept in a glass cabinet with an array of other lovely and cherished items that I would look at almost every time I visited my Grandparent’s house.  When I moved to England and far away from my Granny she gave it to me as a memento and I keep special pieces of jewellery in there like my Mother’s engagement ring.

So Wedgewood has always had a special place in my heart.  That blue is better than a Tiffany’s blue any day in my book.  On Friday I was spending time with friends and wondering around Liberty’s as a break between lunch and tea (yes shopping is what happens between meals for me) and we spotted the lovely range called Nature’s Canvas.  There are both glazed and unglazed pieces but I love the rough earthy look of the sandstone coloured jugs sans glaze.  And just the whisper of Wedgewood blue around the top.  What a way to update a classic.

p.s. Wedgewood are having a sale on some of these items and boy if I hadn’t just spent all my money for my trip home I would certainly get that beautiful jug.


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